Monday, 7 April 2014

Dr. Poon: First Appointment

Hey Loves,

So today was my first appointment! It seems like just yesterday I decided to do this diet. When I entered the clinic I was surprised to find inside to be very professional and clean. The receptionists were so welcoming and warm. One receptionist handed me the forms to fill out and asked me for my health card. One thing i did notice is that you must have a BMI of 30 and over. I barely made it in with a BMI of 31.7!  I was so nervous! lol. Also you must have at least on of the listed illnesses or risk of the illness (family history) to qualify (which they don't verify so i don't know why they ask).

It wasn't much longer and I was called to the next stage. I noticed that they move pretty quick not in a rushed manner, but just in a efficient and organized manner. I was again greeted by a warm and friendly woman who took my blood pressure and height. I then was told to step on a machine that took my states (see picture below). I was then escorted to a clean bright room and waited for about 15 minutes. A woman (gorgeous i might add) walked in bright and bubbly. She was so nice and ran through all the information. I will say that I felt a little rushed and she didn't ask me about my goals, or my history. Now I totally get it when other bloggers said they felt cared for and that their doctors took time with them. I wish I had that experience. Hopefully the next appointment with another doctor goes better.

So far I'm anxious to see how this all plays out. I'm going shopping tonight and will probably start on Wednesday or Thursday. The grocery store they have in the office had a lot of good products. I'm probably going to stop by there on Thursday for some snacks and condiments. I know breakfast will be my largest challenge!

Anyways, I will report back perhaps mid way to tell you how i'm fairing.

Ps. I finally got T25! so I will be starting that on Thursday as well.